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2010 Chinese New Year
The Year of the Tiger Poster Design Contest

Iowa Group

First Place

Nathan Peng (Clive)

Second Place: Grace Yang (West Des Moines)
Third Place: Yiming Qin (Johnston)


He Bei Adult Group

First Place

Han Fei (韩飞)

Second Place: Cheng Xiaopeng (陈晓鹏)
Third Place: Li Jian (李健)


He Bei Youth group (age 13-17)


First Place

Zhang Xiaotong (张晓彤)-Zhang Qingjiang(张庆江)

Second Place: Zhang Shuyang(张舒扬)
Third Place: Liu Lixi (刘立希)


He Bei Junior Division (age 12 and younger)

First Place

An Ruixuan(安芮萱)


Second Place: Shen Bowen (沈博闻)
Third Place: Zhang Ziyu (张姿语)



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